Taking part in a great British tradition

Caravanning is increasing in popularity in the UK, whether you choose a traditional vehicle pulled behind your car or a motorhome you can drive. It is estimated that around 51 million nights per year are spent in various types of caravan in Britain. This results in approximately £1.8 billion in holiday expenses.

Caravans have been around in the UK for several decades, but have experienced several boom and bust periods. The Caravan Club was formed in 1907 and remains a large organisation to this day. The 30s was a great decade for caravanning as it saw the invention of the touring caravan and rapid technological development. This fell in the 40s due to the Second World War but the 50s brought new ideas and a return to growth. With high demand companies like Sprite started appearing to cater for the mass market.September 5

The 60s was even better for caravanning as living standards and private car ownership improved. People started having more holidays and regularly opted for caravan trips. The 70s took the popularity to new heights with over 70,000 units produced at the beginning of the decade. Unfortunately it didn’t last and a bust period followed as people started looking for holidays overseas instead.

The resurgence of camping and caravanning in the UK can be traced to improvements in technology and the rise of the “glamping” sector. There are now more luxury options than ever before, giving people the chance to stay in all kinds of amazing settings. Motorhomes have also grown substantially in popularity because of their modern designs and innovative use of space. Vehicles now feel more spacious and well equipped.

The static caravan, touring caravan and motorhome industry contributes in excess of £6 billion to the economy each year now. This number involves vehicle purchases, hire and holiday expenses. It is great to see the sector growing again as it means more people are exploring the sights and sounds of the UK and helping to stimulate the economy in the process.

Motorhomes and caravans can also be seen as a good investment because they hold their value relatively well, especially if you take care of them and ensure they are stored properly when not in use.

As well as a healthy buyers market the rental sector is also booming. Motorhome hire is more popular than ever as people look for a comfortable vehicle that will allow them to travel in comfort and take their accommodation with them. If you are considering this kind of trip you can find information about companies offering vehicles for rental via our website.