The charming coasts of Croatia

Motorhome getaways possess a certain charm that one doesn’t find in regular holidays and if you’re an avid traveller of the roads, you’ll understand where we’re coming from. With the ability to drive anywhere within your chosen country, the possibilities are extensive. By using the dedicated booking system on our website, you can choose where and when you want motorhome hire, and then you can begin your journey towards discovery.

Within Europe, one of the most favoured destinations amongst motorhome devotees is that of the Croatian coasts. The islands of Kvarner on the north coast, the southern Dalmatia and the Peninsula of Istra are all major traveller and tourist attractions. With the opportunity for fun in the sun, diving into the inviting seas and the chance to taste some good old Mediterranean food, Croatia isn’t a place to be dismissed so easily.

The rocky coastline stands at around 1800km in length with the Biokovo and Velebit mountain complexes standing on one side and the Adriatic Sea, which has numerous islands to offer, at the other. This Adriatic road is one of Europe’s most astounding scenic routes and if your schedule permits it, this is by far the best way to traverse the country.

Camping is entirely possible here and with over 300 sites to pick from, you are spoilt for choice. Over 90% of these sites are on the coast, meaning you have instant access to the beaches and all of their features. When making your decision, you can opt to go for the smaller family operated campsites or the more expansive camping villages. Regardless of where you stay, comfort won’t be a concern. Make sure you confirm that motorhomes are welcome before booking though.

At Motorhome Hire we make it easy for people to organise a road holiday in Croatia. With our site you can arrange to collect a vehicle from several destinations in the country, including at a number of airports. This means you can travel, collect it and get on with your trip. We offer easy, reliable bookings so you can move on to planning the places to stop and sights to see.