The hills are alive for Austrian motorhome tourists

Even the most seasoned travellers are often surprised by the motorhome-friendliness of Germany and Austria. Not only do these countries offer rich historical culture and striking natural landscapes, but they are a haven for the motorhome holidaymaker. Germany offers an incredible collection of rural landscapes, magnificent architecture and cities that will take your breath away. It is widely renowned for its cleanliness and the pride taken in its natural surroundings.

Austria features a staggering mountain range that has an incredible impact when viewing it for the first time. With the exception of the architectural plains to the north of the capital, Vienna, the landscape is largely dominated by the Alps and offers unforgettable imagery as you tour the country in your motorhome.

At 3,798 metres, the Grossglockner is the highest Austrian mountain and counts amongst the highest peaks in the Alps. The High Alpine Road takes you to the Grossglockner and its glacier The Pasterze. This famous road features 36 bends, an altitude ascent to 2,504 metres, and a unique and exciting driving experience. You will pass through a stunning world of mountains with blossoming alpine meadows, fragrant forests foreboding cliffs and eternal ice to the foot of the mountain. The road is a popular draw for drivers and attracts an influx of motorhomes and other vehicles throughout the year.

Austria is a land of music and will remain forever connected to the classic story of the Von Trapp family. Almost 300,000 people visit Salzburg every year to tour the homes and locations used in the much loved Julie Andrews musical “The Sound of Music”. The official tour takes you to Mirabell Gardens and Pegasus Fountain where Maria and the children danced, Leopoldskron Palace which served as the family home, Nonnberg Convent where Maria lived as a novice nun and Mondsee Church where she and the Captain were married. If you are a fan of this timeless film and you want to run atop those famous hills, this globally famous tour is perfect for you.

Germany has 150 signposted tourist routes that make it easy for every traveller. From football landmarks to famous clocks, ancient volcanoes and fairytale castles, there are a multitude of attractions and activities for the whole family. Some routes take you through specific regions and some will enable you to take your motorhome across the entire country. Germany has a love of hiking and has thousands of impeccably maintained footpaths and signposted routes. You can trek around the Alps and the Black Mountains as well as the 66 Lakes Trail around Berlin or the Rennsteig Trail, which is Germany’s oldest long-distance walking route. If you are interested in visiting these wonderful European locations in your motorhome we can ensure you enjoy a fantastic experience by providing you with an easy to use motorhome hire facility.