The Hungarian holiday extravaganza

Motorhomes present numerous possibilities when it comes to your holiday. With a selection of countries and their wondrous sights within your reach, it would be crazy not to consider motorhome hire. Our company can provide you with the means to book your perfect holiday using the tools available on our website.

Notable for a number of reasons, Hungary presents itself as the opportunity of a life time for many tourists. When it comes to the nature for example, this small country boasts many possibilities, with there being 10 national parks, 39 landscape protection areas and around 170 nature conservations. The national parks are home to wild rivers, gentle rolling hills, natural forests and fantastic caves.

Hungary also doesn’t fall short when it comes to world heritage sites. Hortobagy National Park is just one of many sites which are certified by UNESCO and are classified according to kind. If these kinds of attractions are your thing, you will find them concentrated in such areas like Budapest, Tokaj and Holloko.

International events are also rather plentiful, with the Debrecan Flower Festival, the Sziget Festival and the International Opera Festival being notable examples. With a plethora of foods, fine wines, music and dance all present, entertainment is in no short supply in Hungary. Not only is the food full of flavours, but the prices are very reasonable, being some of the least expensive in Europe.

At Motorhome Hire we provide the means to book your ideal motorhome getaway through the use of booking tools that are present on our website. Hungary is an excellent place to visit, with its vast culture and beautiful locations that make any holiday one to remember. With tourist spots like the Balaton Lake, adults and children alike can have a fun time. The country is particularly popular in the summer months.