The joy of a flexible itinerary

Motorhome holidays in Europe are becoming more popular with people in the UK because they offer a great deal of freedom in terms of where you go and what you see. With France within touching distance via the Channel tunnel, and a number of ferry routes to choose from, you could find yourself in mainland Europe in no time ready to start your trip.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their first motorhome trip is underestimating the number of sights and locations they will want to see and the amount of time they are going to spend in particular places. Even if you do a huge amount of research, it is highly likely you’ll discover new and unexpected things when you get on the road and see your carefully-laid plans thrown out of the window. It’s conceivable that you won’t even make it out of the first country because there will be so many great things to see and do.

To ensure you have the best trip, you should leave yourself enough time to enjoy all of the places you visit. If this means a narrower goal in terms of the distance you want to go that is fine because you’ll likely be swapping travelling time for something much more entertaining. Keep in mind there will probably be something to see or somewhere to visit every few kilometres. By shortening your distance you can give more time to enjoying your sights and attractions rather than driving.

Having a basic itinerary, including camp sites you need to reach by certain times is a good idea but you don’t need to stick rigidly to a plan as you’ll have your accommodation and supplies with you. The more flexible you are in your planning the more opportunities you should have to see different things you may not have expected. On top of this it also reduces the pressure on the driver, making the trip more relaxing for everybody because there won’t be as many long drives.

A shorter distance also offers monetary benefits too because you won’t spend as much on fuel and fees. In Europe there are a number of toll roads and you can easily find yourself facing higher travelling costs than you expected. With shorter distances you can use alternative roads and avoid these fees. These are also the routes that are more likely to have beautiful scenery to enjoy and attractions to experience.

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