The Middle Valley Rhine offers a magical route for tourists

Germany often tops the list for European motorhome destinations due to its incredible scenic locations and attractions. The River Rhine is a big draw for driving tourists and motorhome holidaymakers. Stretching to a staggering 820 miles, the Rhine is the longest and busiest river in Germany. It flows north and east from the Rheinwaldhorn Glacier in the Swiss Alps to the North Sea.

The Middle Rhine flows between Bingen and Bonn and through the Rhine Gorge and is one of four sections of the river between Lake Constance and the North Sea. The upper half is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts more than 40 fortresses and castles. The lower half is famed for its formerly volcanic state and together both sections are referred to as the “Romantic Rhine”.

February 1 imageHome to 450,000 people, the Middle Rhine Valley has been a major tourist attraction since the 19th century. It is one of the largest cultural European locations and the number one choice for motorhome driving tours. You can indulge your passion for classic architecture and historic and scenic sites, and wine lovers will love the many vineyards.

There are small ferries available at different points and you can cross the river in your motorhome for just two or three euros. Both sides of the water offer several small parks, villages and parking spaces. You can park up anywhere and enjoy a meal while you soak up the scenic views.

The now legendary route that takes you along the “Romantic Rhine” connects over 100 places that are the setting for some of Germany’s most enchanting legends and tales. Breathtaking views and settings that inspired much of the work of Germany’s greatest romantic writers draw you into the old myths and legends that are perfect for exploring on foot or by bike.

The Rheingau is one of the richest sources of discovery, offering the spring waters of Wiesbaden and Eberbach Abbey and much more. Holidaymakers are spoilt for choice when they visit this much loved area of Germany. Our easy to use online hire service will help you find the perfect motorhome vehicle for you and you can be sure of a fantastic road trip along the Middle Valley Rhine.