The Motorhome and Caravan Show 2016

The Motorhome and Caravan Show 2016 took place at the NEC in Birmingham between the 11th and 16th of October. The event is the largest of its type, allowing companies to showcase their 2017 models and concepts to an enthusiastic audience. There were hundreds of different models to explore and visitors were treated to a look at the latest finishes and innovations.

The event was also fantastic for people looking for help regarding owning a motorhome or caravan, financing, insurance, destinations, and booking holidays. The fact that so many knowledgeable individuals from across the industry were in attendance meant visitors could get answers to all of their questions and leave with more knowledge.

One of the standout products on show at the event was the huge Morelo Empire Liner, the company’s latest luxury prototype motorhome. The £350,000 vehicle completely dispels the myth that motorhomes can be cramped and requires compromise on facilities. It is incredibly well equipped, featuring a double bed, innovative storage, a fully fitted kitchen, and under floor heating.

One of the most impressive features of the new Morelo is it has a built in garage. This means you can drive the motorhome to your camp site then switch to a car to make your way to attractions. This means you can avoid restrictions on roads and routes. When you return your car can be stored safely and will go with you when you move on.

At Motorhome Hire we always keep an eye out for developments in the industry, including the creation of innovative new vehicles. Although the Morelo has a huge price tag and is unlikely to become available to hire it does showcase what can be done with a vehicle.

If you are considering your holiday options and are exploring the advantages offered by motorhomes we can be a great help to you. There is a lot of information on our website and you can read about various destinations too. At the end of the day if you decide to take to the road for your trip you can arrange motorhome hire with us in just a few clicks. It is as easy as that.