The quest to find the one perfect getaway

Choosing motorhome hire is a good start but deciding where you want to take the vehicle is the second piece of the puzzle. Of the many options available to you, New Zealand has to at least be in your top 5 choices. Situated to the south east of Australia, the country is the prime location for any getaway, let alone a motorhome holiday.

Everyone knows what New Zealand was most famous for; the filming location of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It wasn’t just chosen at random for the film though, there are specific reasons behind why it as picked. Present on its two main islands and the accompanying smaller ones is indescribable scenery as far as the eye can see. It includes subtropical forests, beaches, glaciers, lakes, snow-covered mountains and large flat plains. In addition, volcanoes, hot springs and fiords also make their presence well known throughout the country.

Accompanying the scenery is a host of activities and places that can be easily visited by driving your motorhome on the country’s excellent road network. If you ever find yourself lost, every town has an information centre dedicated especially to tourists. Attractions are both plentiful and are within close proximity to each other. You will have your hands full skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, swimming and even parachuting. The local culture is fantastic too. The Maori are the traditional people of New Zealand who occupied the country until the Europeans arrived. One of their most famous practices is the Kapa haka, the traditional dance. Through song and dance, the Maori express and showcase their heritage and cultural Polynesian identity.

At Motorhome Hire we not only provide the basis for making a booking for your vehicle hire; we also recommend the best places to visit. It is our aim to help people choose the perfect destination for their holiday, playing our small part in helping them to have a memorable experience. Bursting with culture and immaculate scenery, New Zealand is too good of an opportunity to pass up. We would recommend it very highly.