The sights and sounds of Ibiza

Ibiza is a popular European summer holiday destination every year, not only for its beautiful beaches and stunning scenery but also for its world famous clubbing scene which attracts revellers from all over the world. The excitement is reaching an all time high in 2016 with the news that legendary DJ David Guetta is taking up an extended residency on the island.

In a move without equal, David Guetta has been booked to DJ at the two biggest clubs the island has to offer over a 19 week period from June to October. Even with the longer length of this residency, demand is currently outstripping the number of flights and accommodation available. Motorhome hire can provide the perfect solution to both of these issues and give you the chance to get away to Ibiza this summer.April 5 image

Many people have discovered that taking a flight to Spain and then taking a motorhome to Ibiza via the frequent ferry services makes for a far more enjoyable and affordable holiday. One of the most popular choices for motorhome renters is to collect their vehicle at Valencia airport and then take the 3 to 5 hour ferry trip over to Ibiza.

The above scenario is the perfect way to get two holidays for the price of one. It’s easy to drive north from Valencia to visit Barcelona or head South to see Benidorm, either before or after you have been to Ibiza. While for many the focus of this particular holiday plan will be the time spent partying or soaking up the sun in Ibiza, the chance to visit one or two of Spain’s most iconic cities should not be passed up.

Planning a motorhome hire holiday between Valencia and Ibiza allows you to truly break free from the trap of feeling like you are on a package holiday. All too often wonderful holidays are marred by being moved from a plane to a bus and then straight on to the hotel where you’ll stay for the duration. By taking our motorhome hire approach, you can enjoy the highlights of Ibiza and take in the sights of Spain too.