The time is now for the German Clock Route

When people are considering destinations for motorhome hire holidays in Europe, Germany is often at the top of their wishlist. The German love of cars is reflected in well maintained roads, meaning that driving conditions across Germany are arguably finer than anywhere else across the continent. When you add this great driving experience to the incredible scenery which the country offers, it’s clear that Germany has the potential to offer a truly memorable holiday experience.

The Black Forest is one of the most popular destinations in Germany for camper van or motorhome holidays, as it features sights and activities which are accessible and enjoyable throughout the whole year. If you’re looking for the perfect route to take through the Black Forest, the German Clock Route is a brilliant place to start.April 2 image

The German Clock Route, or Deutsche Uhrenstrasse as it is known locally, takes you on a circular route through some wonderful historic sites, all linked by their celebrated clocks. On the route you can see the grandfather clocks which made Lauterbach famous, as well as the biggest cuckoo clock in the world, which is found in Triberg. If clocks are not quite your cup of tea, the route is still a great choice as it gives you the opportunity to see everything from waterfalls to the ruins of castles and Roman forts.

If you follow the traditional roads which form it, the German Clock Route is about 200 miles long. Most find it best to start off in Waldkirch, and set aside five or so days to take the trip at a steady and enjoyable pace. For those wishing to use our motorhome hire services, our pick up and drop off point at Karlsruhe Airport is about 90 miles away.

Taking the German Clock Route is to literally take a tour through the history of time. From seeing where the first clock was made in Titisee-Neustadt in 1644, right through to the precision timepieces of today, this holiday provides a fascinating and visually stunning holiday experience. With our motorhome hire costing as from as little as £590 for a four sleeper vehicle for a week, it’s also an attractively priced break.