The U.S.A is the home of motorhomes

When we started our business we wanted to give people an effective means of hiring a motorhome for their holidays. With the option to pick up your vehicle from a multitude of different locations across the world, the potential for a fantastic holiday is huge. Not to mention, our dedicated Help & Advice page is available to everyone who needs a bit of extra assistance planning their journey.

The United States of America is home to some of the most diverse landscapes and settlements in the world. Memphis, although it may seem gritty and run down, is actually bustling with a vibrant blues musical scene and exquisite foods. In addition, this is the place to find Graceland, the home of the Rock & Roll King Elvis Presley himself.

As a city that’s full of soul, New Orleans remains strong and has a zest for life unrivalled by the majority of other cities. The history here is long and rich, and the city is full of live jazz music, French-inspired Cajun food and street performers. People live their lives well in the area and when visitors arrive they come to indulge in its magnificence.

Driving up to the Pacific Coast is considered to be one of the most scenic experiences that the earth has to offer. You don’t even have to go a long distance to discover the beauties of the coast; all it takes is a simple drive from San Francisco to Portland. With the sheer cliffs, giant redwoods and miles of beaches present along this route, be prepared for some slow progress as you will find yourself stopping frequently to admire the brilliance of it all.

At Motorhome Hire our goal is to help give our clients the best holiday experience possible. With a myriad of countries to choose from, you are really spoilt for choice when you choose to book a vehicle with us. If you find our services intriguing and would like to know more, feel free to get in touch.