Top 10 tips for a successful motorhome holiday

Taking a trip with a motorhome can be a truly wonderful experience filled with action, adventure and beautiful sights. You could stick with the UK if you want to be close to home, or opt for an overseas adventure in a number of different countries. America, Canada, Australia, Europe and New Zealand are all popular choices. Before heading out there are several things to consider.

1) Think carefully about the motorhome and book early.

It is important to make sure the vehicle is suitable for your needs including offering the right number of beds, suitable amounts of space and the proper facilities. Make sure you find out what comes with the motorhome so you can plan what you need to bring with you. Booking early will secure your vehicle and could save you a great deal of money.

2) Plan your journey.

Whatever country you choose to travel in, it is important to have at least a basic itinerary. You should know where you will start, what your final destination is, the distance and the route you will take. When planning make sure you are flexible with time because it is likely you’ll discover new things to explore. It is also a good idea to have a plan B in case you find roads are unsuitable or closed.

3) Mix it up.

The beauty of a motorhome is you have facilities with you, so you are free to decide where to stop and spend the nights. Established campsites are a good option but you will incur costs to stay there. Roadside destinations are good if you find somewhere nice or are forced to stop. The downside is they won’t have hook-ups for water or electricity.

4) Keep an eye on the battery.

During your trip you should ensure the battery is properly charged. Staying at campsites every few days will give you an opportunity to recharge with an electrical hook-up so it is always good to factor this into your plan.

5) Plan where you can get rid of waste.

Every now and again, you’ll need to empty toilets and get rid of grey water. You should be able to do this at most campsites so it is another good reason to stay at one every couple of days. You should also ensure you dump waste before returning the vehicle.

6) Consider the weather.

Motorhomes tend to be large and are not designed to be as aerodynamic as cars as a result. This means you need to take a lot of care in windy conditions, especially if you will be travelling on unsheltered roads.

7) Turn off the gas before driving.

Motorhome drivers need to be very safety conscious, particularly when they have LPG onboard. You need to turn this off before you travel or you run the risk of an explosion.

8) Be flexible.

An important thing to remember with motorhome trips is that your schedule is flexible. You have accommodation and facilities with you so you shouldn’t need to rush around. If you find a hidden attraction or enjoy a place you stay you can take time out to fully enjoy them.

9) Don’t stretch too far.

When you plan your trip you might have an optimistic plan about how far you want to travel and how much distance you can cover each day. It is always best to be conservative with both of these so you don’t end up spending too much time travelling and miss out on the sites.

10) Be considerate.

This is important and is key to having the best trip. You should be keep other road users in mind and if you find yourself on the road during busy periods it is no problem pulling over and letting traffic ease. As well as other vehicles you should keep your passengers in mind. They’ll probably appreciate the trip more if you stop often to relax and see things.

Doing some research before you head off is a really good idea. You should also make sure you get the motorhime hire spot on so you have the right vehicle. If you need help with this we have a fantastic booking service on our website that lets you arrange vehicles in countries all around the world.