Tour the idyllic Italian Lake District

The beauty of a motorhome holiday is that you get to choose your destination, and you don’t have to stick to just the one. If you have longed to see the sights of Italy, a tour around the Italian Lake District may be the perfect holiday for you. Many holidaymakers opt for a motorhome holiday around this majestic country, as it offers such a wide range of attractions and locations.

The Italian Alps are part of the mountain range that stretch across eight Alpine countries. The Alpine region has a strong cultural identity, with many traditional activities such as cheesemaking, woodworking and farming still taking place in many villages. The Alps are steeped in rich history; the Romans had settlements there, and Hannibal famously crossed them with a herd of elephants, as did Napoleon accompanied by a 40,000 strong army. The Winter Olympic games have been held in the Alps and every year the region sees millions of tourists and visitors.

Lake Como is one of the most popular Italian Lakes destinations and has been popular since the days of the Roman Empire. It offers the coolest blue waters and wooded lakeside slopes. This picturesque place is surrounded by towns that are frequented by motorhome holidaymakers and travellers throughout the year.

Bellagio is an exquisite little town that boasts an abundance of cafes, restaurants, shops, historical landmarks, a medieval tower and the fountain in the centre of the piazza that is said to have been commissioned by a resident Englishman to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. Villa Serbollini’s gardens look out over Lake Como and offer panoramic views that cannot be seen from the town.

The town of Como offers lively streets and busy waterfronts. It is only a short drive to Milan and a few miles away from Italy’s border with Switzerland. It features impressive Gothic and Renaissance tapestries and paintings and is a font of diverse and interesting history. The town of Menaggio is popular with holidaymakers that love their outdoor activities. It offers an 18 hole golf course, beautiful walks that range from easy strolls to challenging mountain hikes as well as many opportunities for swimmers, cyclists, mountain-bikers and water-skiers.

This incredible region also offers a range of exciting nightlife and family friendly activities such as beaches, water slides and amusement parks. With a mountain range that appears to stretch down to the surrounding lakes, wonderful towns and a range of urban areas to park your motorhome the Italian Lakes offer the perfect motorhome hire getaway for the whole family.