Tour the land of Dracula in your motorhome

If you are a lover of Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, you will no doubt be familiar with its Romanian roots. Much of the inspiration for Dracula lies in the country’s history and geographical locations and landmarks. Transylvania is a region of central Romania, bordered to the East by the Carpathian Mountains. It is recognised as one of Eastern Europe’s most mesmerising regions and sees an influx of tourists every year. It offers an abundance of sensational landscapes and is the perfect place for a motorhome holiday.

As a result of the enduring legacy left by Stoker’s novel fans from all over the world flock to visit the places that inspired the creation of one of literature’s most captivating characters. The Romanian tourist board has developed vampire tourism for the lovers and students of the novel, but Transylvania also offers many unrelated attractions.

Visiting Transylvania is often described as being like stepping back in time. It has been referred to as the last truly medieval place in Europe, boasting lush hardwood forests, wildflower meadows and beautiful pastures. You will see horse-drawn carts rumbling along dirt roads along with shepherds tending their flocks and villagers making hay in the sunshine.

The Carpathian Mountains are home to wolves, lynx and Europe’s largest population of brown bears. The Forestry Commission owns several hides where you can safely observe the animals in the wild whilst accompanied by a ranger. Alternatively, you can visit the Libearty Bear Sanctuary which takes care of more than 70 bears that have been rescued from circuses and cages.

The Transfagarasan Highway is considered by many to be one of the most amazing roads in the world. It offers an incredible drive over towering mountains, up a barren valley to Lake Balea, takes you through a 900m long tunnel and continues down through the forests of Wallachia province. Due to heavy snow the highway is only open to the public from June to October and attracts thousands of drivers every year.

There are a range of campsites throughout Romania which are typically gardens in residential properties of European ex-pats whilst free camping is perfectly legal and embraced by the Romanians. There are various locations from large fields close to tourist spots to the inside of hairpin bends on the Transagarasan Pass enabling you to rest and relax as you explore the legendary highway.

Whether you wish to visit the atmospheric Bran Castle, which is renowned for being the inspiration for the home of the Count, or you wish to sample the host of other attractions Romania has to offer, we can help you enjoy this beautiful country from the comfort of your own motorhome. Use our simple online motorhome hire booking service to set off for the holiday of a lifetime in a legendary location.