Tour the majestic Vikos Gorge in Greece

More people these days are setting off for adventure and activity based holidays. If you are a motorhome traveller, you undoubtedly know the joy of driving to incredible European locations, parking up and enjoying the stunning scenery, natural landscapes and the opportunity to indulge in a spot of hiking, walking, skiing, climbing, swimming and more. Greece has long been a popular destination with the motorhome holiday maker as there are a multitude of wonderful locations that offer the chance to enjoy an exciting and enlightening tour of striking locations.

Vikos Gorge is located in the Pindus Mountains of Northern Greece that lie on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfi. The Guinness Book of Records lists Vikos as the deepest gorge in the world and it can be found in the core zone of the Vikos-Aoos National Park. It collects the waters of various rivers and directs them into the Voidomatis River which forms in the gorge. The central part of Voidomatis is seasonal, and permanent at only the lowest part of the gorge. Vikos is in almost virgin condition, which denotes it as a site of major scientific interest. It is a haven for endangered species and contains various eco systems.

The deepest part of the gorge can be viewed from a natural viewing platform accessible from a purposely constructed road leading from the village of Monodendri. A hiking trail descends into the gorge from the road and takes you north to the springs of the river. Paths then lead to the village of Papingo on the north side. You can also hike south from the gorge to the 18th century stone bridges close to Kipi.

Papingo consists of two villages, and as it neighbours the largest canyon in Greece it attracts a large amount of mountaineers and hikers every year. It features quaint cobbled streets and all the local establishments offer free wifi. You can enjoy relaxing walks that offer bright and beautiful murals and ancient stone bridges. The village is in driving distance of several campsites and parking facilities for motorhomes. It is an exquisite Greek location that offers traditional tavernas, local cuisine and entertainment and proves popular all year round with families and keen hikers and walkers. If you wish to visit Vikos Gorge, use our convenient online motorhome hire facility.