Transport and accommodation for Euro 2016

The overwhelming majority of football fans in the UK are eagerly looking forward to Euro 2016. The newly expanded tournament has seen Wales, England, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland all qualify to participate, with the pairing of England and Wales in Group B being a match up many fans are looking forward to. Quite understandably, many fans from these four qualifying home nations are making plans to travel to France to see Euro 2016 matches.

Motorhome hire is an ideal way for football fans from the UK to travel to and stay in France. By providing a safe, reliable and comfortable means of both travel and accommodation, motorhome hire is considered by many to be the best way to follow your team across a country in a major tournament. From the 1990 World Cup in Italy to the last edition of the European Championship held across Poland and the Ukraine in 2012, fans have appreciated being able to freely travel to see their team play without having to worry about securing a place to stay in advance.

Having the ability to travel long distances across the country is going to be a vital aspect of following your team in their group stage and, hopefully, through the knock-out stages. While at this stage no one knows where their team will play a knock-out round game, the group stage games already feature fixtures which are happening great distances apart. In the England and Wales group, fixtures are scheduled for Bordeaux, Marseilles, Toulouse, Lens and Saint-Etienne. Northern Ireland fans face fixtures in Paris, Lille and Lyon, whilst those following the Republic of Ireland also have to plan to travel to Saint-Denis too. Our motorhome hire services give all fans the ability to follow their side to any or all of these venues.

Over the last twenty or so years driving holidays in France have grown more and more popular amongst people from the UK. This popularity is widely expected to expand even more in 2016, with many football fans determined to see their nation compete well in the tournament. By using our services to book motorhome hire for Euro 2016 as early as possible in the year, you can secure the perfect means of transport and accommodation at a very affordable price.