Treat yourself to a Spanish motorhome holiday

Spain has long been a favourite destination for UK holidaymakers, and with its vast selection of stunning islands and mountainous ranges and rivers it offers the perfect destination for a motorhome holiday.

If you are looking to visit Spain this year in your motorhome, the Monasteripo De Piedra monastery and park complex is a favoured spot of motorhome tourists and travellers. Located in the Iberian System mountain ranges near the province of Aragon, it is one of the most popular Spanish attractions due to its natural waterfalls, pools and streams. The monastery’s construction progressed in three stages, Gothic, Renaissance Gothic and Classical Baroque and offers an array of architectural themes. The faculty of the monastery is decidedly Gothic and boasts foreboding arches and rich and diverse character. The chapter of the monastery is now the most valuable as much renovation and work has restored it to its former glory.

The Monasterio de Piedra is located near the Pedra River Canyon which is home to several different species of birds, damselflies and endangered species of fish. The canyon boasts beautiful lagoons and waterfalls and attracts a multitude of hikers, campers and water-sports enthusiasts on an annual basis. The park is home to many animals such as foxes, wild boars, rabbits, deer and badgers. It also features several colonies of birds including golden eagles, peregrine falcons, hawks, kestrels and owls. The tranquera Reservoir and Gallacanto Lagoon give the area marshland that houses carp, rainbow trout, mallards, ducks and frogs. The park is a haven for wildlife and regularly draws a whole host of nature enthusiasts and animal lovers.

The area also offers a truly indulgent trip for food lovers. The tradition of preserving fruit in Aragon dates back to Roman times, but as time went on the fruits were covered in chocolate to create jewel-like sweets. You can embark on a tour that takes you to the beautiful town of Jaraba which is famous for its cuisine. You can enjoy its diverse range of menus and pick up some famous Frutus de Aragon and Atech chocolate. Bodegas Esteban Winery, close to the monastery, offers delicious wines, and the Cistercian Abbey and the Cola de Cabello waterfalls house restaurants that serve up fantastic menus that feature exquisite traditional cooking and sumptuous dishes. The legendary Frutas de Aragon can be found in almost all of the local establishments along with a wide range of other local delicacies.

If you are interested in visiting this beautiful Spanish province in your motorhome you will be spoiled for choice as it offers a world of culture, nature, incredible scenery, cuisine, activities and fun for the whole family. Let us get you on your way to your Spanish holiday with our simple motorhome hire facility.