Two countries, a million possibilities

Road holidays go overlooked more often than naught, but they can be very entertaining once you realise the true potential which they possess. With the help of our website, you can arrange motorhome hire in a selection of countries, at a time and date which works around your schedule. Starting an adventure overseas has never been simpler than it is with the help of our company.

First time visitors to Germany in particular are completely stunned at the magnificence of the country. Today, people can discover magnificent architectural sites, rural landscapes, a love for outdoor life and breathtaking cities just bursting with history. As you tour across Germany, you’ll discover a clean country which is proud of its natural environment.

The next door neighbour to the country is Austria, a location of peerless mountainous beauty that blows even frequent visitors away. As such you may wish to take a trip along the Grossglockner High Road. It may seem a little costly, but the price is well worth it for the views of beautiful wildflowers and the sense of true driving.

Germany and it’s people possesses a love for hiking, with thousands of miles of brilliantly maintained signposted hiking routes and footpaths to enjoy. If you’re looking for the best ones, they can be found on the Alps and the Black Mountains. That doesn’t mean you should rule out those located in the east, such as the 66 Lakes Trail or the oldest long-distance walking route, Rennsteig Trail.

Both countries are unarguably among the top destinations for motorhome travel. If you do decide to visit Germany and Austria, just be sure to have the proper documentation at the ready.

At Motorhome Hire you can pick up and drop off your vehicle from a myriad of different locations. If you find planning your journey to be a tad hard, visit our dedicated Help & Advice page for some expert tips. To begin you wondrous journey, start your search for a vehicle with us as soon as possible.