UK holidays remain popular

Domestic holidays rose in popularity by 7% in 2015, according to the latest data from VisitBritain. The growth accounted for an impressive 105 million trips, varying in length from short breaks to extended stays. This shows that people continue to look for destinations a little closer to home.

The growth in “staycations” has had a big impact on the caravan and motorhome sector. The National Caravan Council (NCC) reports that 2015 saw a 10.3% increase in the sale of caravans, motorhomes and static caravan holiday homes. There has also been an increase in hire services too as people look to enjoy a vacation in Great Britain without having to invest in their own vehicles.May 6 image

There are three major reasons why holidaying closer to home continues to be popular. Firstly there is the fact that there are so many attractions to choose from. In England alone it is estimated there are between 5,000 and 7,000 options to choose from. Add in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and you have tens of thousands of attractions and interesting sites with options to suit all tastes.

The second reason is that booking a trip in the UK is much easier than going overseas. Services have improved dramatically and there are fewer worries about creating a schedule. On top of this there are no currency worries to think about or documents like visas to apply for. A VisitEngland survey found that 24% of people chose to stay in the UK because booking was simple.

The same survey also found that 38% of people choose to stay in the UK because it is convenient to do so. Staying closer to home provides benefits for all kinds of travellers, including couples, groups and families. It also offers great accessibility for short trips, whether people want to visit a city, the countryside or the coast.

Motorhome hire is becoming particularly popular because it gives travellers the freedom to tour around without having to hitch up a caravan and tackle towing. Holiday parks and campsites across the UK are seeing higher numbers of the vehicles and there are more of them on the roads. If you want to try a vehicle for yourself you can arrange a rental via our website.