Visit film and TV locations on a trip through Norway’s mountains and valleys!

Motorhome Hire opens up a range of possibilities. Plan your own holiday and travel route and set off on a trip that could take you to some of the most scenic places in the world. One example is Norway, travelling up part of the south coast from Grimstad on a nearly eleven hour journey north before venturing back down to Oslo.

Countless films and TV shows have been shot in Norway, ranging from the country’s own movie Dead Snow to the worldwide hit The Empire Strikes Back. Even the producers of Game of Thrones have been toying with the idea of filming throughout Norway. So where do you go?

Some locations are tricky to get to. In fact, the village Finse close to where The Empire Strikes back was filmed, isn’t even accessible by road! There are, however, some places that you can travel to with Motorhome Hire. Between ten and eleven hours of driving will take you from Grimstad up the coast near Oslo before adventuring over 500 kilometres to Valldal.

Valldal sits at the end of a valley of the same name (also known as Valldalen). Not only is the valley on the edge of Reinhimen National Park, but it also features Juvet Landscape Hotel, the shooting location for the award winning film Ex Machina. No doubt you would have spent a few days and nights getting here in your Motorhome, but the hotel is in fact a place you can stay, if even just for the novelty. The views in the surrounding area are also a sight to behold!

The journey back south is just as scenic, with the added bonus of taking an alternate route and passing through Lillehammer, known in recent years for the TV series Lilyhammer. After a stay in or near Lillehammer, travel on down to Oslo where you can drop off your Motorhome and relax after all that driving!

So why hire a Motorhome with us? Wherever you go you’ll have high quality accommodation! Our booking process is incredibly easy and fast as well. You won’t need to take the afternoon to go through a long and drawn out process. All it takes is ten minutes and you’re booked!