Visit the heart of the Californian coastline

The USA remains as one of the most popular places in the world to take a motorhome or camper van holiday. For many people the vast, large and expansive landscapes of America are best experienced from the viewpoint of the legendary roads and highways which cross the nation. The Big Sur area of California is frequently rated as one of the best places to take a classic road trip.

Big Sur is located in the centre of the Californian coastline, and offers a truly unique experience for any traveller. Highway 1 weaves through the region, allowing drivers to take in stunning views of the beaches, coastline and the Santa Lucia mountain range. The area is only sparsely and sporadically populated, so for the most part, you can experience the wonders of nature in a pure and undisturbed sense.

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Stunning views await you in Big Sur

As Big Sur does not feature much in the way of development or built up areas, it is the perfect destination for motorhome hire holidays. There is a distinct lack of motels and hotels serving Big Sur along Highway 1, which can make traditional accommodation a problem. Our motorhome hire services offer the perfect solution to this. A motorhome gives you the perfect means to travel Highway 1 combined with the certainty of a safe and comfortable place to stay in Big Sur.

Our motorhome hire services are available at the most most popular points of departure and arrival for Big Sur holidays. The region is about 130 miles south of San Francisco, and close to 460 miles north of San Diego. Whether you prefer to travel from and back to one of these cities, or wish to start at one and end at the other, we can present you with the best and most affordable booking service so you can get the perfect vehicle for your needs.

For many years the concept of a motorhome holiday has been closely associated with America. One of the biggest reasons for this is that so many of their roads seem to have been designed specifically to make travel scenic and enjoyable. A motorhome holiday in America is as affordable as it is beautiful and memorable when you make use of our services.