Visiting the finest sights of Finland

Are you the kind of person who likes to set off on an adventure when you are on holiday? If this is the case, then our company can help you to take your wildest trip to date. With the motorhome hire services we provide, you will be able to travel to some of the world’s finest destinations and experience the wonders that they have to offer.

Planning your motorhome holiday is essential as you need to know where it is you really want to go. One of the countries with highlights that make it worth exploring is Finland, located in Northern Europe. There are a number of places that you shouldn’t miss out on visiting while you are here, with Helsinki being at the top of the list. The capital city offers a plethora of cultural activities, including Finland’s National Museum, the Finnish Art Gallery and three major theatres, ideal locations for those passionate about fine arts.

The Northern Lights, probably one of the most astounding sights in the world, are rather prominent in Finland. They can occasionally be seen in the southern most regions of the nation, but the best place to see them is in Lapland. Between the months of September and March, visitors are almost guaranteed to see the show in the North as long as the skies are clear.

Tampere, which is located in southern Finland, acts as one of the loveliest towns in all of the country and is highly noted for its active cultural life. There are numerous festivals that take place here, an open-air theatre and some rather popular sports teams.

At Motorhome Hire we provide the means to book your vehicle, with pick up and drop off locations being available in a number of different countries. If it is your first motorhome holiday and you find yourself unsure about things, our website has a dedicated “Help & Advice” page which offers a number of tips. If there is something you would like to find out that you couldn’t find on our website, we would love to hear from you.