Visiting the Vatican at Easter

While many of us are still planning for our Christmas celebrations, quite a few are thinking ahead to the next important date on the religious calendar – Easter 2016. Many people aspire to make the spiritually important trip to the Vatican for Easter, but have found the cost to be prohibitive. Our easy motorhome hire service is an ideal way of making this very meaningful trip financially feasible.

In 2016 Easter falls on Sunday March 27. The weeks surrounding this date are, understandably, the time of year when the Vatican attracts the highest number of visitors. The areas surrounding Vatican City, particularly the wards of Rome, are usually left with very few hotel rooms, with the demand pushing prices up to levels which are prohibitive for many. While December 4 imageairlines usually lay on more flights to cope with the increase in visitors, there is no practical way for hotels to create more rooms for this time of year. Motorhome hire is an ideal way to make accommodation affordable, with the added advantage of transportation too.

Clients can collect and drop off motorhomes at the majority of leading airports in Italy, with Rome Ciampino Airport being the closest to the Vatican. Over the years, however, many have elected to start their journey in other parts of Italy, taking their time and enjoying the beautiful drives the country offers. With our service, you have complete freedom to choose how you make the trip.

It would be fair to say that the greatest advantage of motorhome hire is that it reduces your costs. If you were to book your motorhome hire for an Easter 2016 trip to the Vatican during December 2015, you would find that the cost starts at around £360. This is less than half of what most hotels close to Vatican City are charging. When you remember that the motorhome hire also covers your travel around Italy and the Vatican, the value is even better.