Welcome to Wales

When people think about taking motorhome holidays across the UK, the most popular destinations tend to be Scotland, the Yorkshire Moors, aspects of the south coast and, in some cases, Northern Ireland. Wales is a destination all too often overlooked, which is a great shame as the country feels like it was virtually made for exploring by motorhome. This is particularly true when you consider the new Wales Coast Path.

2012 saw the opening of the first ever uninterrupted route along a national coastline. The Wales Coast Path is some 870 miles in length, taking you from Chepstow the long way around the coast north to Queensferry, although of course you can take the route in reverse. it is quite an achievement to travel the entire coastline of a country, and this initiative has been hugely popular with those who have discovered it.August 1

At heart the intention of the Wales Coast Path is to allow allow ramblers and hikers to take in the nature, wildlife and natural beauty of Wales. However, in practical terms, no one would expect any but a few very brave souls to try and walk each and every single one of the eight hundred and seventy miles of the route. Using motorhome hire as your means of travel and accommodation allows you to enjoy the freedom of walking the lengths of the route you want whilst driving other parts of the way, always safe in the knowledge that you have perfect accommodation ready and waiting for you.

Taking a motorhome to the Wales Coast Path also gives you the freedom to divert from the route and explore the inner heartland of this beautiful country. The castles of Snowdonia and Anglesey, the World Heritage Site Aqueduct of Wrexham and the national coal museum of Blaenavon are all renowned attractions in themselves, and can easily be reached in a motorhome. This modern mode of combined transport and accommodation allows you to see and take in literally centuries of history with ease.

Wales offers something for everyone. Whether you seek the dynamics and vibrancy of Cardiff city life, the peaceful reflective pleasure of seeing history in Snowdonia or becoming immersed in the ways of nature on the Wales Coast Path, it’s a country that’s always ready to welcome visitors.