Welsh families find motorhome and caravan trips rewarding

Earlier this year, motorhome and caravan holidays were voted as the most rewarding by families in Wales. Comfort-Insurance conducted a survey into the matter, asking 2,000 people what type of holiday they would choose and the reasons for it. The findings are impressive and show that many people are choosing motorhomes or caravans over package holidays.

The major advantage of choosing motorhome hire or a caravan trip is that you can fill up a vehicle with luggage and take all kinds of things with you. On package holidays there are baggage allowances to stick to and having to transport a lot of bags can be very stressful. There are also the delays with waiting to collect checked bags and the risk of them getting lost or damaged.

The survey found that 38% of people in Wales would take six bags or more with them when they took the family on a package holiday. On top of this 16% would take as many as ten bags filled with belongings. With a motorhome or caravan there is no need to carry all of these and struggle transporting them. Once you load the vehicle everything will travel with you in ease. You could even take bicycles and save on hire costs.

Another big attraction of motorhomes and caravans is that families can take pets with them. There are pet friendly campsites across the UK and overseas too so people can take their companions with them. This is particularly good for families with young children who don’t want to leave them behind.

A third advantage is that people can take many of the comforts of home with them on this kind of trip including foods, entertainment and even simple things like cleaning products. The idea of a holiday is to maximise comfort; motorhomes and caravans can facilitate this with ease.

More and more people are trying this kind of holiday as an alternative to package trips. The popularity speaks for itself and the rest of the UK has followed the Welsh trend and made the industry a growing one.