Winterise your motorhome for the colder climate

Just because the cold weather is on its way, there is absolutely no reason you cannot continue to enjoy winter motorhome travel. Many motorhome lovers take a trek to foreign ski slopes or choose to camp in one of the many picturesque locations across the UK. By taking a few simple steps to keep your motorhome warm, you can enjoy a fantastic trip in maximum comfort.

One of the biggest contributing factors to cold motorhomes is draughts through the ventilation grilles. When parked in a particularly cold place make sure the grilles are closed. Take care to leave the low level fixed grilles open though as they are safety devices that provide protection in the event of a gas leak. If possible, aim to park on a slight slope to stop water settling in the internal waste pipework. When temperatures drop to -10c the U-bend freezes and you will need to apply antifreeze or salt.

If you have an underslung waste tank at the rear of the vehicle it is wise to regularly open up the drain tap and empty the tank into a bucket underneath.

Leave all cupboard and locker doors open overnight to allow heat to enter and prevent condensation. When connected to an onsite electricity hook-up lift the cable every day to prevent it from freezing to the ground or getting buried in snow. If you intend to camp off hook-up make sure you have a healthy battery. Also, take a folding shovel or snow chains with you. The better you are at using these the greater benefits they can offer you. Try practising putting them on and removing them before you set off for your trip.

If you are going to be parked up for lengthy periods of time leave the motorhome in gear, chock the wheels and if at all possible, leave the handbrake off to stop the rear drums from freezing on. Seal up any air vents on doors and check that vehicle door seals are intact. Whether you are hitting the slopes or enjoying scenic spots, follow these simple tips for a warm interior and comfortable winter motorhome travel.