Your way in Norway

Time off from work is a precious thing and is something you want to take advantage of while you have it. A motorhome could be just the thing for families who are thinking about doing some travelling. With this kind of vehicle you can travel across your chosen country, admiring the views and taking in the rich culture that surrounds you. All the while you have accommodation and other essential facilities with you. With Motorhome Hire, your dream holiday will fast become a reality.

Norway is one country that’s bursting with a plethora of attractions and enough natural beauty to satisfy any tourist. For those taking a motorhome trip, several routes exist which you can travel along and there’s countless number of things to see and do. From Oslo’s museums and the medieval stave churches to imposing summits and sublime beaches, calling the list of things to do “varied” isn’t much of a stretch.

For all the nature enthusiasts, Norway has majestic glaciers and fjords, as well as some astounding waterfalls like the Vøringfossen. If you are particularly active, there’s much fishing, swimming, hiking and climbing to be done here too. During your travels, it may also be worth your time to stop off at towns like the tiny yet charming Røros, which can be found in the mountains near the Swedish border.

If you decide to drive on the Andøya National Tourist Route, it will take you along the beach and fishing country. Civilisation arrived in this area long ago and there is considerable evidence that Stone Age human settlements were once in abundance here. The characterisation of this location comes not only from the sea and beaches, but from steep cliffs, marshes and bogs too. While here, you may just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some puffins and sea eagles.

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